EY-Parthenon Education Forum – Higher Education

Date: 26 September 2017
Location: University of Southern California

Much has been made in the popular press regarding the lack of affordability and access to higher education, even calling into question the value of a college degree for some.

While students from families at the higher end of the income spectrum do indeed benefit from higher education, those from families in the bottom 50% of the income spectrum have a harder time gaining access to quality higher education, succeeding once enrolled, and ultimately embarking on a rewarding career.

The sector has reacted to these issues by creating offerings designed to improve affordability and access to education, such as bootcamps, competency based learning, MOOCs, and more. But those who partake in these alternative credentials tend to be experienced, not new, higher education students, who stack new credentials on top of existing degrees.

Are the higher education opportunities for low income families fundamentally improving or diminishing? On 26 September, the EY-Parthenon Education Forum – Higher Education will discuss innovative practices that have the most promise to improve affordability and access to those most in need of the value higher education can provide.

Download a copy of the presentation from the event.