Higher Education and COVID-19 National Student Survey

In April 2020, EY-Parthenon surveyed 3,675 current college students (freshman through juniors) across four- and two-year public and private institutions to assess the impact of COVID-19 on higher education delivery and student expectations.

The survey measured students’ outlooks on topics such as online course quality, advising and tutoring, social/engagement enhancements, academic improvements, overall satisfaction with remote learning, and expectations for the fall term. The goal was to provide insights to US colleges and universities to help them improve remote engagement and learning for students.

Download a PDF of the survey findings.

From the results of their student survey, five student segments emerged, based on differing attitudinal factors toward remote learning and expectations for the fall semester, including adapting students, optimistic students, tolerating students, uncertain students, and challenged students.  The segment profiles present summarized survey data and a point of view on:

  • Student perspectives: the interpreted attitude, preferences, concerns and context of learning for a  typical student in this segment
  • Communication needs: the messaging colleges and universities can emphasize to address this segment’s priority concerns
  • Programmatic considerations: the adjustments most likely to improve this type of student’s remote learning experience

Download a PDF summarizing the student segment profiles.