CIOs and their shifting relationship with SaaS

As more growth opportunities present themselves to SaaS vendors, there is also a need for these vendors to consider their product and sales strategies as forward-thinking CIOs adapt to the new landscape. This report presents four key findings that will influence the development of the SaaS enterprise software market over the next several years:

  1. There remains significant continued runway for SaaS penetration. All CIOs recognize the value of SaaS tools.
  2. CIOs are feeling a loss of control over the enterprise IT ecosystem, but few have found a palatable response.
  3. A small set of forward-thinking CIOs are leaning into the SaaS revolution by accepting the increased ecosystem complexity and providing collaborative support for business unit needs.
  4. SaaS vendors, particularly those whose product and sales teams have been happy to fly under the radar of IT departments, could start facing headwinds in the future.

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