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15 November 2018

Innovate your innovation: leveraging a startup playbook in luxury beauty

Learning from innovative and early stage companies can help global luxury brands bring innovation to market at a pace that resonates with modern consumers.

1 November 2018

Africa’s demographic dividend and the role of the private education sector

With state education systems facing many challenges, such as constraints on government funding, how can additional capacity be added to Africa's education system, and what role can be played by the private sector and investors?

15 October 2018

A technical perspective for evaluating software companies, part I

EY-Parthenon explores the deeper elements that go into a good software company, how they’re assessed and some potential pitfalls that companies fall into.

4 October 2018

If using more infosec vendors makes companies more secure, why do they want to work with fewer vendors?

How companies are building their information security solutions in an ever-evolving vendor landscape, and what that means for vendors and investors.

8 October 2018

Global Capital Confidence Barometer | 19th edition

In an age of M&A complexity, do you pause or proceed? Regulation, trade and tariffs foster a deal hiatus for some, while many others move forward with acquisition plans.

4 September 2018

Life Sciences Global Tour: Featured regional summaries

Despite obstacles, regions around the world are seeking innovative therapies, diagnostics, devices and services in ways that are customized to their populations.

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