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EY-Parthenon clients, be they private equity firms or corporations, are focused on investing in software and technology as key drivers of growth. Through the acquisition of Bulger Partners, LLC, a firm specializing in the software industry, Ernst & Young LLP has increased the breadth and depth of EY-Parthenon capabilities, as technological convergence drives demand for software-focused advice. The combined business establishes a leading strategic advisory software services assisting private equity investors and their portfolio companies from diligence through strategy and value creation.


What we do


  • Software development effectiveness: EY-Parthenon teams provide an assessment of a company’s software development organization for capacity, talent and process, and actionable recommendations to improve productivity, timeliness, predictability, quality and overall alignment with the corporate strategy. This assessment is conducted through site visits, interviews, data analysis, hands-on evaluation, primary research and benchmarking. EY-Parthenon provides a detailed strategy on how to improve internal and external integration, communication and governance.
  • Technology strategy and roadmap: By analyzing clients’ technology roadmaps and potential alternatives, as well as assessing cost, risk and alignment with strategic objectives, we help companies identify and build a suitable technology strategy and architecture roadmap — sometimes building on internal efforts and sometimes on brand-new ideas. This type of engagement includes the potential re-platforming initiative or a major transformational effort — such as a substantial acquisition or a SaaS transformation.
  • Product strategy and roadmap: EY-Parthenon teams analyze a company’s product roadmap and provides recommendations for improvement in product strategy and roadmap based on market and competitive research, team capabilities, development cost and risk, and technology underpinnings. This type of engagement typically includes primary research on the competitive landscape and market greenspace. It may also entail post-merger consolidation or rationalization of a product portfolio. Like other engagements, it leverages the combination of capabilities in understanding and assessing competitive marketplaces and deep knowledge of software technologies.


  • Product and technology diligence: The Software Strategy Group provides market-leading product and technology diligence of companies in the Software Economy, an “inside-out” assessment of product capabilities, product roadmap, software architecture, technical debt, and the organization and processes associated with a software organization.
  • Integrated diligence: When EY-Parthenon teams combine product and technology diligence with leading commercial due diligence “outside-in” capabilities, we provide clients with a cohesive view of their target investment from both a market and an operational perspective, providing insights that each diligence workstream may not uncover independently. We are a leader and innovator in this integrated offering and bring unrivaled capabilities to the marketplace.

Our people

EY - Jeff Vogel

Jeff Vogel
Managing Director
Head of the Software Strategy Group

EY - Chris Bulger

Chris Bulger
Executive Advisor

EY - Lorne Cooper

Lorne Cooper
Executive Director

EY - Rob Gurwitz

Rob Gurwitz
Executive Director

EY - Michael Stricklen

Michael Stricklen
Executive Director

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