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Digital transformation and technology. These all have changed the very nature of information and publishing companies. Navigating these changes requires a detailed understanding of the market environment, our clients’ internal business drivers and their customers’ needs.

With our global network and the long-term relationships we’ve established in the industry, we help our clients develop innovative content delivery strategies, design must-have content-based workflow solutions and transform their internal processes to mirror the dramatic changes happening throughout the digital world.


What we do


How do you continue to win as both customers and competitors evolve? You do this by developing clear and actionable insights, relying on robust customer analytics and reacting proactively (and provocatively) to new market realities. Our global team keeps its finger on the pulse of the industry so that we can help position you.

We can help drive value for our clients by developing actionable strategies for growth. For our information and media clients, we can deploy a broad range of advisory services, from corporate and investment strategy to transaction evaluation and value creation.

  • Corporate strategy: We help translate data-rich activities such as competitive analysis and economic forecasting, market sizing, and growth rates and driver analyses into actionable and successful strategies.
  • Investment strategy: Finding and prioritizing opportunities to grow is fundamental to continuing to deliver value. We work with our information and media clients to develop market-entry strategies, conduct commercial due diligence, perform strategic assessments and help them optimize their business portfolios.
  • Transaction evaluation: We work with our clients to help them optimize their ROI by assisting with target identification and prioritization, commercial due diligence and divestiture preparation.
  • Value creation: With a critical eye, we work alongside our clients to evaluate current value drivers and opportunities for improvement. Our industry professionals work with client teams in areas such as brand audits, marketing mix effectiveness, sales force effectiveness, product strategies, post-merger integrations and cost optimization.

We provide data-driven insights that help clients build pragmatic strategies that deliver results.


When it comes to transactions in the information and media industry, our clients consist of traditional corporations, as well as private equity firms and their portfolio businesses.

  • Corporate clients: Transactions are part of every company’s strategy for growth and maximizing value. Clients considering mergers, acquisitions and divestitures look to us to help manage capital strategically and execute transactions in our evolving digital world. Be it strict commercial due diligence or M&A strategy, this is part of our core suite of strategic services.
  • Private equity clients: Our deep information and media knowledge, along with our capabilities in assisting private equity clients across the deal life cycle, make us the advisor of choice for help in optimizing your portfolio with every investment.
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Our team brings both deep industry knowledge and experience from a myriad of transactions.

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Case study: Due diligence for Private Equity firm


One of Parthenon’s private equity firm clients was interested in purchasing a manufacturer of articulating ladders, sold nationally through major hardware and home improvement stores.

Parthenon was tasked with answering the private equity client’s key questions in order to confirm or deny its investment thesis. Those questions included the following:

  • What are the key dynamics of the ladder market, including size, growth and segmentation?
  • What is the competitive landscape of the ladder market and how is it changing?
  • How do the channel and end-users view the product and why do they choose it over other options?
  • What additional growth opportunities exist for the target company?

Parthenon EY Action

During the six-week engagement, Parthenon used extensive primary and secondary research efforts to determine the product’s position within key retailers as well as its market penetration. Specifically, Parthenon executed interviews with several key constituencies including:

  • Management team members
  • Consumers (ladder owners, articulating ladder owners, and non-ladder owners)
  • Professionals (contractors, electricians, and painters)
  • Retailers buyers, Big Box, franchise hardware, and independent hardware competitors
  • Industry sources


Based on the outcome of Parthenon’s work, the private equity client ultimately decided not to purchase the target company.