Undergraduate recruiting at Fudan University


Fudan Univeristy is one of the core universities from which EY-Parthenon recruits for its associate programs. Please read the important information below and review the dates to find out how to apply.

Important information/FAQs

You need to submit two documents for your application: your CV (in both Chinese and English) and a cover letter.

Use the following convention for your file names: File Type_Your Full Name (in both English and Chinese)_Fudan University

  • Example 1: CV_Gao Xiaoyu 高晓宇_Fudan University
  • Example 2: Cover Letter_Wu Yong 吴勇_Fudan University

Use the following convention in your email subject: Associate Application_Your Full Name (in both English and Chinese)_Fudan University

  • Example: Associate Application_Yu Jing 俞晶_ Fudan University

Send your CV (in both Chinese and English versions) and cover letter as attachments to chinarecruiting@parthenon.ey.com.

Applications to any of our offices are welcome. If you are interested in more than one office, please indicate all of those office locations in your cover letter. Note that all first round interviews, no matter which office you are interested in, will be conducted by our Shanghai team. If you are interested in working in an office other than the Shanghai office and are selected for additional interview rounds, your schedule will be customized and communicated to you accordingly.

We respond to only those applicants who are invited to attend first round interviews. Due to the high volume of applications we receive, we regret that we cannot respond to all who apply.

Our interview process typically includes:

  • a pre-talk
  • a group discussion
  • a one-on-one case interview
  • a final review

After the final round of interviews, the recruiting team reconvenes to extend offers to the most qualified candidates.

If you hold an undergraduate degree but are no longer a student, you are welcome to apply for an associate position in our Shanghai office. Submit your CV (both in Chinese and in English) and your cover letter to chinarecruiting@parthenon.ey.com (See detailed instructions above). If you are chosen to interview, your schedule will be customized and communicated to you accordingly.

Important dates

    Apply now

    Once you have reviewed the relevant information on our application process, please apply by submitting your CV (in both English and Chinese) and a cover letter as email attachments using the following conventions:

    File names: File Type_Your Full Name (both English and Chinese)_Fudan University

    • Example: CV_Gao Xiaoyu 高晓宇_Fundan University

    Email subject: Desired Role Application_Your Full Name (both English and Chinese)_Fudan University

    • Example: Associate Application_Wu Yong 吴勇_ Fudan University

    Submit CV and cover letter

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    Further questions?

    Please be sure you have reviewed all of the Important information/FAQs on this page and the Important dates.

    If you still have questions, please contact: chinarecruiting@parthenon.ey.com