The culture we foster

At EY-Parthenon, you will spend your days with smart, nice and driven individuals, just like yourself. We are dedicated to fostering a cohesive environment that promotes collaboration, communication and mentorship. Learn how the culture of EY-Parthenon will impact a lifetime career.

It’s about our people …

… you will hear that a lot here at EY-Parthenon. Our secret to being one of the top consultancies to work for is about our recruiting of professionals who meet three seemingly simple criteria: Smart. Nice. Driven.SM

Smart. Nice. Driven.

  • Our highly analytical approach demands that we recruit and retain extremely bright, intellectually curious individuals.
  • Our clients report that our professionals’ friendly, arrogance-free style separates us from competitors. Egos are checked at the door!
  • Our professionals are motivated to provide the highest level of service to our clients and to seize the opportunities that our entrepreneurial culture affords.

With the proper mix of the qualities above, EY-Parthenon sustains a culture that is collaborative, supportive and a formidable venue for creative and analytical thinkers to solve our clients’ greatest challenges. And the best by-product — our people enjoy coming into work each day to work side by side with their peers. EY-Parthenon is just a fun place to work.

Don’t just take our word for it — see what our members have to say about EY-Parthenon