Where will your EY-Parthenon career take you?

Navigate your own career

At EY-Parthenon, there is no status quo when it comes to a “typical career path.” Each of our professionals has varying objectives and time frames they are considering while navigating their career. We embrace their uniqueness in their needs and encourage individuals to actively participate in the shaping of their careers. We respect that this often does not result in a smooth career trajectory, but rather a customized path that helps each person to reach their full potential.

Opportunities while at EY-Parthenon

Your career at EY-Parthenon is filled with opportunity to learn and grow. Our focus on strategy consulting will expose you to numerous types of analytical engagements. Our generalist approach allows you to participate in client engagements in a variety of industries. Finally, the leadership opportunities will allow you to make an impact on the business and test your entrepreneurial mindset.

Opportunities post-EY-Parthenon

We hope that everyone who joins EY-Parthenon would like to continue their career here for years to come; however, we realize that, for various reasons, individuals choose to pursue other career avenues . We have professionals join client teams, start their own ventures or join other EY-Parthenon alumni in opportunities outside the organization. The EY-Parthenon family, both current members and alumni, is a tight-knit community. We are committed to supporting you and keeping you connected no matter where your career track takes you.