Consultant role

As a consultant, you will play a critical leadership role in all of EY-Parthenon’s work. EY-Parthenon has a very flat structure that will allow you to become actively involved in many levels of client work. You will often be the primary contact for clients, responsible for developing and executing work plans and managing associates. Given the demands of such an accelerated role, your skills as a consultant are highly tuned in the areas of analytics, communications, teamwork and leadership.


Driving customized and actionable insights is critical to the success of any client engagement. These insights are supported by the collection and synthesis of data to support the underlying assertions. On a typical case, your role as a consultant on a team would include the following:

  • Structuring and planning the analytical process to drive insight
  • Overseeing the process through to completion, addressing any challenges that may arise
  • Synthesizing the results into actionable insights for the client
  • Communications

Consultants will often manage multiple relationships/roles on a case, such as:

  • The day-to-day liaison between the client and the case team
  • The orchestration of casework
  • The generation of important communications documents for the client
  • The presentation of materials at internal and client readouts

Through formal as well as informal training and mentorship, you will develop these skills quickly to maximize your effectiveness as a consultant and an advisor. A solid foundation in oral and written communications skills is vital.


EY-Parthenon promotes a collegial environment that we believe best serves our clients’ needs. As a consultant, you will be required to build strong relationships with both clients and team members to generate the best advice for our clients. Egos are checked at the door, and teams work together to achieve superior results.


Consultants enter EY-Parthenon in a leadership role, which quickly escalates in scope. At first, you will have oversight over one or two associates within a work stream. Based on your individual career trajectory, this typically will expand quickly into managing client relationships and broader case teams.

Internally, you will have leadership responsibilities in such areas as recruiting and training. In addition, you typically will get involved in key strategic initiatives, such as the establishment of new practice areas and the generation of proprietary intellectual capital.

Consultant career track

The consultant career track consists of multiple phases:

  • Work stream leadership: In this phase of professional development you largely will focus on gaining the analytical skill set that is fundamental to generating insights for our clients and on managing associates to help develop these insights as a team.
  • Engagement leadership: Over time, you will begin to actively manage entire projects, gaining primary responsibility for leading and managing the team.
  • Client management: Your final stage, prior to reaching the position of partner or managing director, involves the leadership of broad client relationships and projects with minimal oversight.

While your consultant career track roughly will follow these phases, EY-Parthenon will not confine you to a defined job description or slow you down with promotion timelines. You will be bound only by your ability to successfully handle responsibility and deliver long-term results to clients. Opportunity is based entirely on merit and accomplishment, not tenure. Click here to learn more about where a career at EY-Parthenon can take you as a consultant and beyond.