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Advanced professional degrees

Consulting provides a unique opportunity for candidates completing a PhD, JD or MD to apply their expertise to addressing the critical strategic decisions facing our clients. The role that is the best fit for you may vary based on your specific area of study, the needs of our industry practices and the needs of our global offices. Review the information below to learn more about the associate and consultant roles, and then visit your global office page to find out about opportunities in your region.


Review the information below to learn more about the associate and consultant roles.


Undergraduate and Master’s candidates and applicants with less than three years of work experience typically join EY-Parthenon as an associate. In some regions, it is also typical for PhD candidates to join as associates. Through formal and on-the-job training, associates acquire valuable analytical, interpersonal, and leadership skills that not only apply to their role, but also build expertise applicable to any career or industry.

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Most professionals with an MBA, other advanced degree, or relevant work experience join EY-Parthenon as a consultant. Consultants take on leadership roles from day one: leading associates, managing analysis, and driving internal initiatives. This accelerated role demands highly tuned skills in the areas of analytics, communications, teamwork, and leadership.

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Visit your local office page to learn more about the recruiting process for advanced degree candidates in your region. EY-Parthenon global offices

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