EY-Parthenon report on higher education collaboration featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education

In “Networked U.’s: This is what will save higher ed,” The Chronicle of Higher Education highlights the benefits of true collaboration with other universities, in areas from academics to administrative management.

Fiscal challenges – like constrained federal and state dollars, low family incomes, and shifting student demographics – continue to loom, and fewer colleges can simply pass rising costs on to students or solve the pricing problem alone.

The article highlights the findings of EY-Parthenon ’s report, Strength in numbers: Higher education collaboration, which estimated that more than 800 colleges exhibit a range of risks that jeopardize their survival. These factors include tuition discounts of more than 35 percent and high debt payments. Nearly 80 percent of the troubled institutions have fewer than 1,000 students, but 9 percent of them have more than 10,000 students.

The article suggests a new approach around the “networked university” which is based on shared structures that capitalize on each college’s strengths.

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