Kasia Lundy quoted in Inside Higher Ed

In “How many public universities can ‘go big’ online?” Inside Higher Education highlights that numerous public university systems and state flagships are planning ambitious online endeavors.

However, how many succeed in a competitive marketplace will depend on pricing, execution and leadership. EY-Parthenon Managing Director Kasia Lundy weighed in, noting that public brands will just have stronger draw and recognition.

“Then the question becomes, can they actually deliver this in a way that is good for the student? Can you get your pricing down to a level that is affordable for students while still providing the quality of supports that these students need to succeed?” she poses. “That’s where things often break down – many people vastly underestimate what it actually takes to put up the infrastructure and wraparound supports that good online programs require.”

The article also overviews certain paths institutions can take, include building, buying and something in between – it notes EY-Parthenon’s work with the University of Massachusetts and its recommendations for the system.

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