Bill Achtmeyer and Cosmo Takamatsu featured in Nikkei Business Online

In “Solutions for Japan’s CEO Agenda,” Nikkei Business Online highlights the strength of digital strategy and geopolitical issues in the CEO agenda.

The article overviews that atypical issues are EY-Parthenon’s forte, particularly handling the “strategy of strategy,” and highlights themes of particular importance to Japanese businesses – digital strategy and geopolitical issues – that EY-Parthenon supports.

“We are seeing digital strategy within the digital world enter the CEO agenda,” EY-Parthenon Partner Cosmo Takamatsu explains. “Companies are facing competition from places they hadn’t expected and are being forced to build strategies to deal with such threats.”

“We have many things to do in Japan,” Parthenon Founder and EY-Parthenon Senior Managing Director Bill Achtmeyer adds. “In order to grow in a world that itself grows at such an accelerated pace, we need speed and superior knowhow. I believe we already have the aptitude, capability and intelligence to stay ahead of the game.”

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