Andy Bechtel writes for Health Management Technology

The health care industry is consolidating, both vertically and horizontally, and hospitals are advised to have a managed care strategy to survive and thrive in a value-driven care environment and protect against reimbursement pressure from other payers. Determining whether a provider-sponsored plan (PSHP) is the right approach for the hospital is a question every hospital executive should be asking.

In the Health Management Technology article, “The five steps to successfully implementing a provider-sponsored health plan,” EY-Parthenon Managing Director Andy Bechtel highlights that given the level of investment required to launch a PSHP, it is critical to evaluate the rationale of the strategy, as well as the implementation plan, to achieve success.

The article outlines questions hospital leadership should ask themselves to determine whether they should implement a PSHP, and shares recommendations around successful implementation of a PSHP.

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