EY-Parthenon report cited in GeekWire

GeekWire cites the EY-Parthenon report Crossing the chasm: Lessons learned in transitioning to the SaaS business model in an article highlighting the role of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in the world’s “unicorns” – companies that have risen to a billion-dollar valuation in a few years.

One common quality of these companies is that almost all operate as SaaS businesses. “The secrets of unicorns: Software-as-a-Service and the billion-dollar valuation” dives into what these successful companies have learned and lessons aspiring companies can take from them.

In the article, leaders from the EY Technology sector Dave Padmos, Ken Englund and West Coghlan share six takeaways from a 2018 EY survey of 200 executives with experience in SaaS. The EY-Parthenon report provides additional insights into transitioning to SaaS.

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