Matt Robb quoted in iNews

In the article “Three UK universities on the brink of bankruptcy and more reliant on short-term loans ‘to survive’,” iNews highlights the difficult survival conditions for some universities in the UK.

The article reveals that at least three universities are teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, with growing numbers of institutions resorting to short-term financial loans “just to survive.”

EY-Parthenon Managing Director Matt Robb weighed in on funding challenges, noting that there are about three or four universities where it is possible [they could go bankrupt], explaining that “they are universities that are in places that are not attractive for students to study, or they are smaller universities that are close to more popular institutions.”

“Some of them may never have been financially viable in the first place,” he continued, “in which case if they are about to go bust, then if there is no compelling public interest let them go bust.”

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