Kasia Lundy quoted in Inside Higher Ed

In “The merger vortex,” Inside Higher Ed highlights that while mergers in higher education are hard, they’re likely to be a topic of interest going forward, even if they don’t all make it off the drawing board.

The topic was explored in depth at the NACUBO 2017 Annual Meeting, where EY-Parthenon Managing Director Kasia Lundy participated in a panel that provided an overview of higher education merger trends.

“Pressure from falling enrollments is building on small institutions with fewer than 1,000 students,” Kasia explained. “The number of U.S. higher education transactions in the mergers and acquisitions category has gone from 12 in the 2000s to 22 between 2010 and 2017.” She also noted that higher education could be on track to have three times as many mergers in this decade as seen in the previous decade.

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