EY-Parthenon releases book on the growing impact of precision medicine

New book delves into advances, accessibility, and investment in targeted therapies

EY-Parthenon of Ernst & Young LLP today announced the release of the book Personalizing Precision Medicine: A Global Voyage from Vision to Reality (Wiley, 2017), by Kristin Ciriello Pothier, the global lead of the strategy consultancy’s Life Sciences practice and the creator of EY Precision Medicine™. 

Precision medicine, which has gained prominence in recent years, is a type of targeted therapy designed to diagnose and treat patients worldwide more effectively and efficiently. The approach is based on the genetic makeup of patients and takes into account environmental and lifestyle factors. The book, as its title suggests, personalizes the concept of precision medicine by combining easily understandable scientific fundamentals with real stories of its applications in our everyday lives.

“My goal in writing Personalizing Precision Medicine was to demystify the topic and highlight the advancements and opportunities for the industry and patients alike,” said Pothier, Managing Director and Global Head of Life Sciences at EY-Parthenon, Ernst & Young LLP. “Precision medicine is not just for doctors – it has the potential for global societal impact and it’s essential for everyone to understand how precision medicine can improve their health and their family’s health.”

Written for consumers, patients, educators, investors, researchers and other key stakeholders, Personalizing Precision Medicine provides context on the key aspects of precision medicine, including:

  • The progress of precision medicine around the world
  • Precision medicines in an array of disease areas, including oncology, cardiovascular health, neurodegeneration, infectious disease, pain, immunology, and rare diseases
  • The future of precision medicine and consumer diagnostics
  • The opportunity and urgency surrounding investment in precision medicine

In writing Personalizing Precision Medicine, Pothier spoke with more than 100 key industry experts in biotech, pharmaceuticals, informatics, and diagnostics, as well as health providers and advocacy groups. With more than 20 years of experience in global diagnostics and life sciences, Pothier was able to capture the global challenge of advancing precision medicine in a way that is easily digestible and personal.

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