Anna Grotberg writes for The Pie News

Data from numerous surveys indicate that the majority of international students consider postponing their academic year abroad or alternatively want a discount if they have to start the academic year by learning online.

In The Pie News article “Practical strategies for the upcoming academic year,” EY-Parthenon Associate Partner Anna Grotberg discusses what decisions international students will make with respect to university offers for the upcoming 2020/21 academic year and how universities can respond to that.

Students may be more keen on making decisions regarding the upcoming year when they have more certainty around what the next semester might look like. QS pools indicate that there are probable adjournments for new international students. Yet, the same population indicates a disposition to start a course online if, eventually during the academic year, they will enroll at the physical university. According to Anna, universities that are able to make decisions now to offer certainty to students on at least the initial mode of learning “may be able to shore up some recruitment and help students to not wait until the last minute to make a decision.”

With regard to discounts, QS pools indicate that both domestic and international students will expect a price deduction if they have to learn remotely for part of their course.

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